Help Wanted

Last night I spent several hours downloading music for my IPod. I downloaded 118 songs, but I am writing to ask for your help. I want it to be a really good mix of all kinds of music and last night I got overwhelmed. I would like everyone to post a comment with a song or songs that I need on my IPod.


5 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. I have a lot of funky stuff – French pop, Shakira (in Spanish), Andrea Bocelli, Showtunes – like Phantom of the Opera and Cats, and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Also I love Madonna. I have eclectic tastes.

  2. Hotel California is easily the greatest song ever recorded. Can’t really go wrong with anything from the legendary Eagles. The Last Resort (actually the last song on the Hotel California album) is an easy listening classic as well. If you need to get pumped up for something, Rush is always a great choice. From Tom Sawyer to The Red Barcheta, they always entertain….I bet your sorry you asked now, right?

  3. we came to check out your blog since we share the same last name and almost the same exact blog address. Maybe we are related some how. One great Christian artist to check out for your iPod is Andrew Peterson. His music consumes most of our playlist. He has several great albumns, as well as an awesome Christmas Ablumn. If he ever does “Behold the Lamb” live in your city, it is a must see!


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