Father’s Day

This was the best Mother’s Day ever, oh wait it was Father’s Day wasn’t it? It felt like Mother’s Day. I guess this shows how amazing my Dad and husband are. We celebrated Saturday night with my parent’s and they brought over the grill that we all bought Chance, steaks and all the fixings. It was one of the best meals Chance and I had in a long time. The steak had great flavor and the grilled veggies were awesome!

They also brought over the table my dad has been making for me. It is the most beautiful table I have ever seen. My dad is so talented and did I mention amazing! I love my new table!!! Everytime I walk in the kitchen I smile.

On Sunday we went to church and then we went to Cheddar’s with Chance’s parents for lunch. Went home and took naps, then our hometeam got together for dinner and swimming.
Chance, we love you very much! You are an amazing husband and father. I am so blessed to get to spend the rest of my life married to you! I hope you enjoyed Father’s Day as much as I did!

pictures of the table:



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