I don’t know if I did this out of boredom or just couldn’t stand the thought of sending my child to school with a plain white notebook. Maybe both! Here is Christian’s Back to School notebook. He loves it and said, now when I miss Reed I can just look at my notebook. He asked that we work on the back and put more pictures of family and friends. It made me proud that he cared!!! I have always hoped that my scrapbooking will be loved by more than just me.

One of my girlfriends from childhood had a birthday in July and I wasn’t sure if she ever read my blog or not so I couldn’t post her present, but I gave it to her last night, so here it is! I made it with their game room in mind.


One thought on “Crafts!!!

  1. Ohhhh, you’re sending out the crafty bug to bite me. I’m getting itchy! Can’t wait for the kids to get back to school so I can get back to my craft room!VERY cute stuff!


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