Carrot Top – 21 Weeks

Chloe now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long — the length of a carrot. I can feel her moving now! This is my favorite time during pregnancy. I am not as tired anymore…I am not huge and miserable yet…I can feel movement…I know the gender…you can tell I am pregnant not just fat now. If pregnancy was like this the whole 9 months, I would want to be pregnant all the time.

I am still struggling with nausea, but I am just dealing with it. Phenagran did not work and I am not ever very comfortable taking medicine while pregnant. Today was rougher than most, I got sick 3 different times today, but I would feel her kick and it was just a great reminder that I need to enjoy this time no matter what.

This pregnancy is going faster than the last 2, it will be April before we know it!


One thought on “Carrot Top – 21 Weeks

  1. So sorry you’re struggling with sickness this far into things! I had severe nausea when I was pregnant with JK. Awful. I started feeling better around 6 1/2 months. Just in time to feel big as a house and swollen. LOL!(Come to find out, my birth mom struggled with the same thing with all three of her kids. Ask your mom or grandmother, it might be a hereditary thing.)


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