Christmas Morning 2008

You can’t see it but there is a rope attached to that bow. Santa left the bow by the boys door for them to follow the rope down to the trampoline.

Reed carrying the bow following the rope.

Christian followed the rope to the door…unfortuanetly it was still dark outside so I didn’t get a good picture of them looking at the trampoline, but they were so excited!!

Santa also left some stuff under the tree

Grandpa and CD playing tic tac toe

Nana and Reed playing tic tac toe

The Trampoline!!!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Morning 2008

  1. That is such a clever idea! What a fun gift too – a trampoline!I remember our nephews a few years ago getting a trampoline. The youngest was at the age where he’d heard there wasn’t a Santa, but still wanted to believe. When he saw the trampoline, he goes, “Now I KNOW there’s a Santa. Mom would NEVER let us have this!”LOL!


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