"New" Car Blessing

Chance has been driving a 1994 Chevy since 1998. This truck has been such a good truck to Chance. We have lots of prechildren memories in this truck. Chance, Rocky and I used to spend a lot of time driving around. Over the last few years it has started showing it’s age. Chance has suffered though the past 4 summers with no a/c. So, we are excited to announce we have a “New” to us vehicle. Chance is now the proud new owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In my quiet time last week it instructed me to make a list of anything I was worrying/bothered/troubled about and then to talk to God about why I was worried about them and then release them to Him, LET GO! Lately both of our vehicles have been a main source of my worry. I released them to God and to show you how God blesses obedience…

Tuesday at work Dixie, my friend and teaching partner, mentioned they bought a new car and that they were taking her Jeep to CarMax to sell it to them. Light bulbs were going off in my head. I asked if we could possibly buy it instead of CarMax and then told Chance all about it. It was much less than we thought we would have to spend on buying Chance a new vehicle so we are taking care of problems with my car as well. I am so glad I released my worry about both vehicles because God has totally blessed us!!!


Our nephew turns 16 in December (tear) and he has wanted to buy Chance’s truck for several years. He wants to do lots of things to the truck so now he can do it before December. His dad has a job that he needs a truck for next week so now he will have it. God cares about every detail!

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