Heady Hospital

Friday, August 13th, Chance played softball with a good friend that he played college baseball with.  Chance’s first at bat, he hit the ball and pushed off to take a step towards first and he felt a pop.  He ruptured his Achilles tendon on his left foot.  We were out in Sherman with the kids.  So, we loaded up and all headed to the nearest hospital.  Saturday morning, Dr. Howard Harris, a friend from church called Chance and told him he would get him in Monday morning for MRI and Tuedsay for surgery.  Tuesday, surgery went well.  Chance had to wear a splint for two weeks and now he is in a boot.  He is doing very well.  He is starting to regain movement in his foot, but still can not bear any weight on it.  He was told he would be in the boot 4-6 months.  I will spare you the pictures, they are grose!
Last night my parents offered to come over and play with the kids while Chance and I went on a much needed date night. When we got home as my parents were leaving they mentioned Christian had hit his head on the edge of the coffee table. So we said our goodbyes and went up to check on him and the gash was about 1 1/2 inches long but it was still wide open and it had been a few hours so we decided to take him to see if he needed staples. Sure enough, he needed 5 staples! He was very brave and loved the attention.


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