Pine Cove ’10

This year since Reed is in Kindergarten it was his turn to go to Pine Cove.  So, Stephanie and I took our little boys instead of the big boys.  We had a blast!  The boys got along great.  We were so proud of them!  Friday night our trip started with awful traffic and the boys needing to go to the bathroom three times, but we missed all the storms.  When we finally got to Pine Cove we unpacked the car, got our swimsuits on and headed to the pool for a Dive In Movie and snack.  Saturday morning we had breakfast, session, and then our scavenger hunt.  On the scavenger hunt we had to do a mommy makeover where the boys got to do our make-up.  Reed was such a sweetie!  Lots of the moms were walking away covered in red paint all over their faces.  Reed knows how I love polka dots, so he just gave me a few red dots on my face.  After our scavenger hunt was lunch and then free time.  During free time the boys wanted to ride horses, archery, bb guns and swim.  After free time we took showers, went to dinner, session, and then Pitch Black Attack.  Pitch Black Attack is a game that you get in groups and you are given a clue and have to sneek around camp going to each clue without getting caught.  If you get caught you have to start over.  Our group got all 4 of our clues without getting caught.  It was awesome!  Sunday morning we woke up, packed, session, brunch and then headed home.  The boys wanted to stay at Pine Cove, so we bribed them with a Blizzard on the way home.  Yummy!


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