Texas Rangers Fan Fest 2011

I may have won mom of the year for this one!  A friend and I took our boys to the Texas Ranger Fan Fest.  We had to stand outside in the cold, in a long line.  Once we got inside we went to get in line to get wrist bands to get autographs and all of the autographs the boys wanted and we wanted were all gone.  You had to be one of the first 800 in line for each one.  Luckily there was still some hope for us to recieve Josh Hamilton’s autograph.  While we were in that long, cold line to get in they gave us tickets and then entered our ticket numbers into a lottery.  200 out of 40,000 would recieve Josh Hamilton’s autograph.
We WON!!!
I won one and my friend Stephanie won one.  It must be our awesome name!  Our boys were so happy!  After a day of standing in long lines and not getting anyones autograph’s this was the needed pick me up!  We did have to wait in line for about an hour for Josh’s autograph, but well worth it.  He was so nice to the boys and gave them a baseball card and we had a baseball signed.  He is our favorite baseball player for sure!  We Love You, Josh Hamilton.  Yes, even Chance loves him!  So, he is okay with my crush.


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