Thieves Essential Oil vs. Candles

I have a very sensitive nose, bad smells make me gag, so I have always had an addiction to candles.  When people ask what I collect I would say candles.  I loved the relaxing glow and crackle of a candle.  A safe go to gift for me was candles…. You get the point, I LOVED CANDLES!

Recently I started reading and learning more about the toxins that are in candles, room fresheners, and even yes…Scentsy.  For a while I just wanted to pretend that I had never read it and keep using my burner that I loved so much, but my family struggles with allergies and respiratory issues so…they had to go.  I know, I know I rolled my eyes too and I’m very sorry to be such a party pooper, but you can google toxins in candles and come to your own conclusion.

I would like to try and redeem myself and offer you a healthy option.  Young Living Essential Oils!  These oils are safe and even beneficial for your family.  You can add them to a diffuser or add them to a spray bottle (Catherine gives a tutorial here).  Now you are making your house smell good and helping your family instead of hurting them.  Plus the oils actually kill bad odors instead of just covering them up.

Thieves vs. Candle

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