Thieves Essential Oil vs. Candles

I have a very sensitive nose, bad smells make me gag, so I have always had an addiction to candles.  When people ask what I collect I would say candles.  I loved the relaxing glow and crackle of a candle.  A safe go to gift for me was candles…. You get the point, I LOVED CANDLES!

Recently I started reading and learning more about the toxins that are in candles, room fresheners, and even yes…Scentsy.  For a while I just wanted to pretend that I had never read it and keep using my burner that I loved so much, but my family struggles with allergies and respiratory issues so…they had to go.  I know, I know I rolled my eyes too and I’m very sorry to be such a party pooper, but you can google toxins in candles and come to your own conclusion.

I would like to try and redeem myself and offer you a healthy option.  Young Living Essential Oils!  These oils are safe and even beneficial for your family.  You can add them to a diffuser or add them to a spray bottle (Catherine gives a tutorial here).  Now you are making your house smell good and helping your family instead of hurting them.  Plus the oils actually kill bad odors instead of just covering them up.

Thieves vs. Candle

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my healthier journey…

I have struggled with sinus/allergies and headaches my whole life.  They both run in our family.  I do not like to take medicine.  It is not pleasant, it has side effects and it is not good for you.  It temporarily eases the issue, but It does its damage as well.  I try to drink tons of water and sleep when I get sick but that is not always an easy task when you have a job and three kids.

I had heard of Essential Oils on Pinterest and such but hadn’t given it a whole lot of thought.  Until this Summer when I had a headache at VBS and a friend told me to try some of her Young Living Peppermint Oil.

Peppermint uses with #

Within 30 minutes my headache was GONE!  This was huge for me.  I have taken Advil, Tylenol of all sort, Migraine medicine……and none of it has ever worked this fast.  Not only did my headache go away, it didn’t come back.  This alone was life changing enough that I had to do my research and buy my own oils.  Young Living has it’s own farms and is involved in the quality from seed to seal.

I found that buying the Young Living Starter kit

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was the best deal for me to try different oils, get a diffuser


and I would be able to purchase all my oils at wholesale price.  When they came in I immediately put them to work.  My medicine cabinet changed a lot.

photo 2

  I had read testimonies of people using them for their allergies and wanted to try it on myself.bye zyrtec allergies

I have not had any sinus/allergy problems since using them.  When I wake up a little stuffy I increase my oils for the day.


I have recently switched to a Thieves Cleaner by Young Living

thieves cleanercleaning products

in place of all household cleaners.  It is effective, smells good and is very healthy for my family.  I am slowly trying to switch over to all natural personal products.

If you are interested in purchasing your own oils click here.  If you have any questions email me at  I have a FREE gift for everyone who purchases the Starter Kit through me!