Mother’s Day Tea

At Sonshine Academy every year the 3’s department does a Mother’s Day Tea.  It is so sweet.  They came in and stood in front of our tables and sang for us and then joined us for cupcakes and punch.  They present us with a present and then we look through their Me Books from the school year.



These 3 were known as The Three Stooges.



Back to School 2012-2013 part 2

Chloe (3 yrs. old) started Sonshine Academy today and has Ms. Cortney and Ms. Shannon.  I know she is going to have a fantastic year being a ladybug.  When I asked her how her day was she said with a smile, “I got to see Cason.”  She loves her sweet friend Cason.  I hope she is not already boy crazy though ;).  I think I was!

Easter Victory Party and Egg Hunt

At Sonshine Academy we do a Easter Victory Party and Egg Hunt every year.  Watching Chloe egg hunt was really sweet.  She cared more about helping her friends get eggs than filling her basket.  She has such sweet friends in her class and they all looked so cute.

Look out Hollywood

Chloe’s preschool puts on a Christmas program every year.  It starts with the 2 year old department.  This was Chloe’s first time to perform on stage.  She was hilarious!  She gave us a little of every emotion during the performance.
Before the show with her fan club!
When we put her dress on her she said this is my magic dress.
Uh-oh, looks like she already knows that girls need to have pretty dresses!

She is laughing very loud!  The two friends next to her are her best friends.

Her she is picking her nose.  Who’s kid is that?

Doing her motions correctly.

Chloe and the little girl next to her started playing and looking at each others dresses.

Show’s over, sad face!

Angelina Ballerina

Chloe wanted to be Angelina Ballerina this year for Costume Parade and Halloween.  She was precious.  She loved dancing around in her costume.  I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful love for ballet.  It made me so happy to see my baby girl in a ballet costume!
These pictures are from the day of our school costume parade.  She loved seeing her friends in costumes.  Even her sweet teachers were in costume!