Downtown Disney

Today is our last day so we let the kids slept in a little. Reed, Chloe and I went to the Resort Bakery to get breakfast. I needed to try the chocolate croissants! They did not disappoint.IMG_3489

We took some breakfast back to the room for Chance and Christian and then packed up our stuff. All of our balloons still looked brand new so as we checked out of our resort we found families with kids that looked like they were checking in. After we left our bags with the Resort, we boarded a bus to Downtown Disney.downtown-disney-00-fullIMG_3494

The bus let us out right by the Christmas store. I love Disney’s Days of Christmas store they tell you Merry Christmas all year! We enjoyed The Art of Disney, Once Upon A Toy, and World of Disney Store. After shopping we were hungry and the lady that sat next to us on the plane told us her favorite place to eat in Orlando is Fulton’s Crab House Riverboat. We understand why it is her favorite. It is now our favorite. If you like seafood, you must eat here.

Christian enjoyed the chilled seafood platter at Fulton's

After we ate we went bowling at Splitsville Luxury Lanes. We practically had the whole upstairs to ourselves. After bowling we wanted to ride the ferry boat back to our Resort but it was not running due to wind. So, we took a bus back to our resort where shortly after we were picked up by the Magical Express, which took us to the Airport. Spirit was of course unorganized and slow getting checked in but we got a good deal. Not really sure that we will fly Spirit again. We arrived back in DFW safely on on-time.


Hollywood Studios

Day 4: Hollywood Studios

_wd017wdw201406149935620wd020wdw201406149948396 Star Tours:IMG_3442IMG_3462IMG_3538Shows: IMG_3450IMG_3454IMG_3456IMG_3552IMG_3474  Toy Story Mania:IMG_3459Tower of Terror:IMG_3460

wd024wdw201406149972363wd028wdw201406150139272IMG_3480   Rock ‘n’ Roller  Coaster:IMG_3485wd025wdw201406150103712wd026wdw201406150117348wd027wdw201406150122292wd029wdw201406250200198  Favorite Snack:IMG_3549        Hollywood Studios at night: wd031wdw201406250200069

When we first got to Hollywood we went straight to sign up for Jedi training, but we were too late. The line was very short on the Star Tours ride and we had that as a fast pass so we rode it and changed our fast pass. The boys were able to ride Rock’n’Roller coaster 4 times because of Chance and I both having it as a fast pass and doing the ride swap because Chloe wasn’t tall enough. We rode Tower of Terror twice. The first time the line was only a 10 minute wait and the second time with a fast pass.

India Update – Jan. 5th

We woke up, got ready and went to the pastors house.  From there we went to church.  Church was awesome.  To watch the way they worshipped even though I couldn’t understand a lot of what they were saying.  At church we each had different responsibilities.  Mine was to help with the childrens class.  We used a children’s Bible and told stories and sang songs.  They even taught me a couple songs.  After church the group of girls that Rahab’s Rope is sponsoring stayed and we threw them a little party.  We did our program, and played games with them.  We all fell in love with these girls.  We did not want our time to end but they had to get home.  We went to lunch at the nicest place we had been the whole trip and then went back to the pastors house to relax till it was time to go back to the slums to see the girls again.  When we got back to the slums we were so excited to see the girls and they were so excited to see us.  They did henna tattoos on our hands and braided our hair.  We then went back to the house got our stuff and headed to the airport.  I think we were all starting to get sad about leaving each other and leaving India.  But, I was so excited to see Chance and the kids!!

India Update – Jan. 4th

Our ministry opportunity today rescheduled for tomorrow so we are cleaning, packing, baking cookies and getting presents ready.  Then we are going to go shopping and eat at Vicky’s favorite Indian restaurant tonight.  We had an Indian breakfast today!  It was yummy!  I had plain cheese dosa and then you dip it in 2 different sauces.  I also led our group devotion today.

India Update – Jan. 3rd

Today went great at the womens prison, our driver didn’t show up so we were late and then we had to leave early because of something they were doing with the ladies.  It was the right amount of time though!  They loved us and loved taking pictures with us.  Rene took a picture of me and 8 little boys ranging from 4 – 10.  Tonight we went to the house of one of the pastors Rahab’s partners with.  They fixed us an Indian spread of food…so good!  We also got to hear their story and hear what all they are doing in India.  They are amazing.  We walked a lot today!

India Update – Jan. 2nd

Today we visited the stitching students in the slums.  I fell in love with these ladies and was completely broken for them.  They loved us all too and were asking us not to leave and when would we come back?  Several of them came to me and asked me to pray for them.  Only about 5 were believers but the others are starting to understand more and more. They loved being silly and giggling with us. We gave presents, supplies and had a party.  When we left there we walked to a fire oven pizza place!!!  Then we got on 3 different rickshaws to get us home in the dark.  It was scary our rickshaw driver had no idea were we were supposed to go but thank The Lord, Rene was with us.  We made it home and when we got back women were inside praying for us.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day.  We go to a Hindu holding place for commercial sex workers and prostitutes.  The are guilty until proven innocent here.  We are throwing them a new year party and going to try to have fun with the ladies.  Thanks for all the prayers.  Keep it up!

India Update – Jan. 1st

Today was our day at an aids/HIV hospice. We did a little program for the kids then played with them and then had a little party with them.  These are all kids that have lost both parents and tested positive to Aids/HIV and you would never know it.  These kids had so much joy and hope.  Our whole team was blessed by these kids today.  Then the director took us on a tour of the grounds and introduced to several ladies which was very hard.  One lady was hardly anything more than a skeleton and they knew nothing about her.  She was dying and no one knew her story.  She couldn’t speak, but her eyes spoke gratitude.  We gave gifts to everyone there!  After we came back and started putting gift together for tomorrow, baked cookies, ate dinner, cleaned up, talked about the day.  Tomorrow we are going to throw a new year party with all the ladies from the stitching classes.  We will put on our program again, do a story and party.