Interested in Essential Oils?

Have you heard or seen the buzz around pinterest about Essential Oils?  I know I had, but was very skeptical until a friend let me try hers.  My family has a long history of migraines and allergies and I am really open to trying any home remedy to reduce or eliminate these aliments.  When my friend Catherine shared peppermint with me for a headache I had, it not only helped but it completely got rid of it and it didn’t come right back like it does when medicine wears off.

Peppermint uses with #

So naturally I needed my own Peppermint.  When I asked about my own Peppermint it only got better…I started learning there were literally hundreds of oils that all had so many great uses.  I compared prices and found that the best way for me to try several oils was the Premium Starter Kit for $150.


Doesn’t it make sense that God gave us everything we need on earth to use for natural medicine.  The Bible tells us He gave us plants for food and healing.  Young Living offers a therapeutic grade oil unlike any other brand of oils.  They are safe to take internally, topically and use for aroma therapy.  Essential oils are more than nice scents; these powerful plant extracts are your path to lifelong wellness.  Young Living formulates targeted, essential oil-based wellness solutions that empower you to dodge harmful chemicals, energize your life, ditch stress and negativity, and reclaim your natural radiance.  You can read about their quality here.

I have been a part of MLM’s (pyramid schemes as my husband calls them) before and never intended on selling these oils, but when I find a great product that literally changes my life how could I not share that with the people I know and love.  Plus, I don’t really have to sell them.  Once someone smells them or tries them they want them.  When I received my oils I immedialtely prayed over the oils.  I prayed that God would use these oils to help our family and that every person that uses them or smells them would touched by Him.  He is the Ultimate Healer!  There is power in calling on His name while using these oils that He created for our health!

ditch the drugstore

If you are interested in transforming your health you can email me at or leave me a comment or get started now!


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